Thursday, December 3, 2009

AYE, OH, LETS GO: YO GABBA GABBA tv show review

After wading through the sea of shit that is children’s programming, it’s nice to see something that isn’t fucking brain dead. Most kid’s shows, especially the ones geared towards pre-schoolers, are like watching paint dry at the DMV while getting butt fucked by the devil.
Thankfully Christian Jacobs (frontman for the cult band The Aquabats), and Scott Schultz (singer for the indie-pop band Majestic) pooled their money together and got this show off the ground.
With guest stars like Rhazel, Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and The Roots; an opening theme song (a kind of Hawaiian twang) that sounds strangely familiar to the begining of the Pee Wee’s Playhouse theme, art segments by Mark Mothersbaugh (lead singer of 80’s new wave band Devo) who has composed for everything from Rugrats to Rushmore, and a local L.A. club DJ (Lance Rock) for a host--Yo Gabba Gabba is definitely the freshest show around for pre-schoolers and their hipster parents. Part HR Puff ‘n’ Stuff, part Dee Lite, part Sesame Street, part hip-hop beats, part old-skool video game graphics--how can you not like a kids show, that has a title, that sounds like it should be a Ramones’ song.
The show’s opening proclamation touts “Yo Gabba Gabba enhances preschoolers social skills and self awareness, and uses interactive games to expand their musical and kinesthetic skills”. I don’t know if any of this is true, but my five month old daughter seems to love it (and so do I). She shrills and flays about anytime she sees it, and will even sit through a whole episode if in the proper mood. Which is almost as amazing as turning water into wine. Especially when you consider the fact that one of the characters (named Muno) is a “one eyed monster” that looks like a giant dildo, and another (named Toodee) looks like what would happen if a dragon fucked a cat. I guess all you can say to that is, my name is Notelgge, I like to dance!
Five out of five beers!


  1. I have to agree with you. This is one of the better kids shows out there. My TV is on this channel about 80% of the time. My daughter loves this show.

  2. It is good! It's too bad Little Bear comes on after it. I hate that Show!


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