Sunday, March 14, 2010


We at Pater’s Potpourri are the first ones to admit when we make a mistake, so it is with shame in our hearts that we must admit we have been remiss. In the nearly 6 months we have been in existence we have yet to mention anything related to the mother of all children’s shows, Sesame Street. And for a site pertaining to all things children, this is inexcusable. But we at Pater’s Potpourri stand ready to correct our short comings, and are proud to announce our SESAME STREET extravaganza. That’s right, three consecutive posts related to all things Sesame Street! And what better way to start off this extravaganza than with a classic like, Follow That Bird. Sure, these days Sesame Street has taken a serious blow at the hands of a little red shit named Elmo and political correctness, but when I was a kid it was golden; and this movie represents one of the high points in it’s history.
Now FTB gotta a crappy (non-anamorphic widescreen) DVD release a few years ago, but the new 25th Anniversary DVD is given a proper anamorphic transfer, and the picture quality is considerably better, too. The colors are reasonably bright and vivid throughout, and this is the first time since the movies release that one has been able to watch it in widescreen. But let’s get on with the plot.

"You wanna put that thing where??"
Follow That Bird is a road movie starring one of Sesame Street's best known residents, the perpetually six year-old Big Bird. It follows his attempts to find his way back home, after a nosy social worker (named Miss Finch), convinces him to move in with a family of Dodo birds in Oceanview, Illinois. Miss Finch assumes since Big Bird is surrounded by a bunch of Puerto Ricans, Blacks, number loving vampires, wooly mammoths, furry blue cookie addicts, and homos named Ernie and Bert; instead of other birds, there is no possible way he could be happy. The only problem is the Dodo family (whose two children happen to be aptly named Donnie and Marie), turn out to be a bunch fucking morons, who are ten times worse than any of the freaks you might encounter on Sesame Street. And despite trying his best to enjoy his new surroundings, Big Bird quickly becomes homesick and decides to hitch a ride on the midnight express and find his way home. Upon hearing this, all his friends band together and head out across America to find their beloved Big Bird; of course hijinks ensue.
There are also plenty of cameos along the way, Dave Thomas and Joe Flaherty (of SCTV fame) play the Brothers Sleaze; two bumbling grifters who exploit children and run a third-rate carnival. Chevy Chase also makes and appearance as a idiotic news anchor and Sandra Bernhard as a bitchy waitress in a grouch diner. John Candy (also of SCTV fame) shows up to play a policeman, and we are also treated to a song from cocaine, country superstar Waylon Jennings.
Now, adults may not find Follow That Bird as entertaining as they did when they were children, but if you now have little ones of your own, they’re assured to love it. And the absolute best thing about this DVD is, although Elmo is featured prominently on the cover, that annoying little menstrual rag is almost completely absent from the movie (he’s only seen once in the background) and for that reason alone, FTB deserves 5 out 5 beers!

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