Monday, October 19, 2009


Disney / Release 1998 / Minutes / NR /
This mind numbing DVD, with it’s bargain basement production value and schlocky Mozart renditions, had absolutely nothing appealing to an adult’s sensibilities (unless perhaps you watched it when you were really stoned). It is completely devoid of plot or storyline, and consists mainly of random images set poorly to music.
This is the type of grade A crap they should force detainees to watch, because I’d rather have a G.I. drag his sack across my face, while his hick buddy snaps a photo, than watch this shit again. Seriously, it looks like it was thrown together with shit you would find at a yard sale. Where’s the top notch animation? The CGI? This is owned by Disney you know.
But despite this DVD’s may faults, surprisingly it will be on heavy rotation in my house, for the simple fact that it kept my 3 month old daughter’s attention for 25 minutes straight. And as any new father knows, that it a god sent in itself. I guess this video is something only a child’s mind could appreciate--how though, I’m not quite sure. And as such I give it three beers.

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